Panel 6 - Presentation Abstract

The Climate Crisis, propelled by extreme weather, climate migrants, and determined young activists, is now the top global agenda item. The travel and tourism sector, driving some 10% of the global economy, is exposed to extreme weather and is increasing under scrutiny for its emissions. To support transition of the sector to a Climate Neutral 2050 Paris 1.5°C future, SUNx Malta is implementing a 4-part Climate Friendly Travel Framework. One, Climate Neutral Ambitions Registry records commitments, Annual Sector Status Report demonstrates overall performance, and Annual Think Tank revamps materials; two, Online Learning Framework assists schools with their graduates and staff training programs; three, STRONG Climate Champions, 100,000 strong in all UN States by 2030, provides local transformation support; and, four, an SDG17 Partnership Alliance advocates measures for “glocal outreach.” This panel will discuss and promote the concept and practice of Climate Friendly Travel.

Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx, UK

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