Panel Discussion
Climate Friendly Travel by Água do Algarve

The Climate Crisis, propelled by extreme weather, climate migrants, and determined young activists, is now the top global agenda item. The travel and tourism sector, driving some 10% of the global economy, is exposed to extreme weather and is increasing under scrutiny for its emissions. To support transition of the sector to a Climate Neutral 2050 Paris 1.5°C future, SUNx Malta is implementing a 4-part Climate Friendly Travel Framework. One, Climate Neutral Ambitions Registry records commitments, Annual Sector Status Report demonstrates overall performance, and Annual Think Tank revamps materials; two, Online Learning Framework assists schools with their graduates and staff training programs; three, STRONG Climate Champions, 100,000 strong in all UN States by 2030, provides local transformation support; and, four, an SDG17 Partnership Alliance advocates measures for “glocal outreach.” This panel will discuss and promote the concept and practice of Climate Friendly Travel.

Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx, UK

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