Keynote Talk Abstract
Climate: An Existential Crisis

Amongst today’s global challenges faced today, the Climate Crisis is the existential one. If not fixed, it will destroy much of our civilization. Travel and tourism is facing up to this issue too slowly. SUNx has been designed (with Maurice Strong, the father of sustainable development) to accelerate our transformation. Our "A Plan for our Kids" program is based on a Climate Friendly Travel ~ measured to manage: green to grow: 2050 proof to hit the Climate Neutral, Paris 1.5-degree scenario. The challenge is monitored by using a web-based learning component, aided by 100,000 global “Strong Climate Champions” reached by 2030. It is building SDG 17 partnerships with likeminded bodies, especially with the Government of Malta which hosts and supports the program. The collaboration with the t-Forum, the conference host, is another strategic link to engage business and academia.

Geoffrey Lipman, SUNx, UK

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