Conference Topics & Theme

The main theme of this conference is “Breaking Old Barriers for a New World: Mobilizing Tourism Intelligence to Survive”.


We would like to invite submissions that connect knowledge/intelligence to and within tourism. These might include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following topics:

Shifting Tourism Industry in the Face of Climate Change

  • Climate friendly travel

  • Destination-wide tourism awakening

  • Under- and over-capacity development

  • Green and blue, new deal and sustainability

  • Sharing economy

  • Challenges of mega markets of China, India, Africa, Russia and Muslim worlds

  • Re-imagining Mediterranean tourism

  • Regained appeals of Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia vis-à-vis Italy, Portugal and Spain

  • Tourism and well-being

Building and Maintaining Capacity

  • Tomorrow’s workforce: managing talent

  • Gender balance in tourism

  • Immigrant and refugee workforce in tourism

  • Designing and managing tourist experiences

  • Overtourism: succeeding to fail

  • Circular economy in tourism

  • Tourism entrepreneurship

  • Future-making, trend-making

  • Niche markets, golf tourism



From Knowledge to Tourism Intelligence

  • Tourism and governance

  • Research-based strategy

  • Intelligence-based innovation

  • Industry expectations from university graduates

  • How theory informs practice

  • Responsible development and marketing

  • “A nice place to live is a nice place to visit”

  • Breaking old barriers for a new industry

  • Mobilizing intelligence to advance