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Closing Session and Paper Awards

Valene L. Smith Outstanding Tourism Award

Given to four top paper presentations, which bring to light theoretically based applications of tourism intelligence. Each recognition package will include a copy of Dr. Valene Smith’s Stereopticon: Entry to a Life of Travel and Tourism Research and €500,00 cash award.

Paper Title: Madeira Island Tourists Psychological Profile and Wellbeing

Authors: Soraia Garcês; Margarida Pocinho; Saúl Neves de Jesus


Paper Title: How Hotel Employee’s Role Stress can Shift the Structural Empowerment – Job Satisfaction Link: A Current Issue in Hindrances-Challenges Field

Author: Helena de Almeida


Paper Title: Arbitration in Tourism and its Influence on the Performance of the Tourism Industry

Authors: João Vidal; João Albino Silva; Guilherme Castela


Paper Title: Forecasting Hotel Demand for Revenue Management using Machine Learning Regression Methods

Authors: Luis Nobre Pereira; Vitor Cerqueira


CinTurs Best Paper Award

Given to a top paper presented at the conference by a CinTurs' PhD student: €500,00 of additional research plafond.

Paper Title: On the Role of Internal Stakeholders in Place Branding

Authors: Homayoun Golestaneh; Manuela Guerreiro; Patrícia Pinto; Seyed Hashem Mosaddad


SUNx Best Paper Award

Given to two top papers presented at the conference on climate-friendly travel: €500,00 cash award each.

Paper Title: Activating an Artisanal Saltpan: Tourism Crowding In or Waterbirds Crowding Out?

Authors: Jorge Ramos; Patrícia Pinto; Pedro Pintassilgo; Anabela Resende; Luís Cancela da Fonseca

Eduardo Fayos-Sola Award for Tourism Innovation

Given to a top paper presented at the conference on tourism innovation: €500,00 cash award.

Paper Title: Designing Compelling Accommodationscapes: Testing a Framework

Authors: Dora Agapito; Patrícia Pinto; Mário Passos Ascenção; Pasi Tuominen