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Keynote Speakers

Sara Dolnicar is Professor of Tourism at The University of Queensland in Australia. With degrees in business and psychology, she is best known for her work in improving market segmentation methodology and of measures in social science research. She is currently pursuing a long-term research program to entice tourists to behave in a more environmentally friendly way, to also derive practical recommendations for the industry. With more than 300 refereed publications and 11,000 citations, she is a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism and the co- Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Tourism Research.

Professor Geoffrey has occupied many pathfinding and pathmaking positions, including former Executive Director of International Air Transport Association (IATA); President of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC); Assistant Secretary-General, UN World Tourism Organization. He is Co-Founder of SUNx Strong Universal Network; member of  Club of Rome; Advocates Climate Resilience (Building global climate learning, innovation and resilience network;  promoter of impact assessments. He advances tourism as serious socioeconomic sector; drives airline liberalization agenda; pioneers new travel and tourism measurement systems, green certification, and China’s Tourism opening; devised UNWTO ST-EP Program, Davos Climate Summit, and G20/T20 program. Co-author of books on green growth, travelism, and EIU airline liberalization studies. Visiting Professor, Victoria University (Australia) and Hasselt University (Belgium). 

Noel Scott is Professor of Tourism Management, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Noel has 25 years of tourism experience and is currently using cognitive psychology theory and psychophysiological methods to understand tourist experiences. He has over 300 academic articles published including 16 books. He is a Fellow of the Council of Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Educators, and a member of the International Association of China Tourism Scholars.

João Albino Silva is Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of the Algarve (Portugal) and Member of the Research Center for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-Being (2011). Director of the PhD Program in Tourism, University of the Algarve (2007-). Acting as a member of International and National Editorial Boards of scientific journals in tourism, management and economics, he has published over 30 works, including scientific papers, books, and book chapters.

Renata Tomljenovic is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Tourism, Croatia. Her research interests, apart from human resources for tourism, include tourism role in fostering social transformation, peace tourism, cultural tourism, socio-cultural impacts of tourism and tourism planning. She is advising national and regional policy makers on issues of strategic importance for tourism development, acts as an Associate Editor of the Tourism: An international interdisciplinary journal, leads research and consultancy projects and publishes widely for both, academic and professional journals. She also serves on a number of Editorial Boards and has published over 30 research papers.