The Tourism Intelligence Forum
Objectives of the t-Forum
  • To identify sources of t-intelligence in destinations, businesses, and knowledge institutions.

  • To foster, support, and create platforms for the dissemination of t-intelligence

  • To facilitate the transfer and use of t-intelligence in destinations, businesses, and knowledge institutions

  • To nurture t-intelligence programmes or actions for innovation in tourism


Intelligence in Action: Forming a Local Action Group

Membership in the t-Forum consists of Local Action Groups or t-LAGs made up of destinations, businesses, and knowledge institutions. Membership also includes individual Fellows, who are distinguished experts with a documented record of knowledge management accomplishments in tourism.

The t-LAGs must show a commitment to knowledge transfer and innovation in tourism, coupled with the capacity to contribute to the advancement of tourism internationally. They should demonstrate evidence of commitment to an ongoing local partnership agreement among their participating destination(s), business(es), and research institution(s). Up to two years after their creation and admission to the t-Forum, the t-LAGs may consist of two of the named entities. The research partner may or may not be a local institution.

The t-LAGs and Fellows are expected to maintain programme or project activities in t-Intelligence as indicated by updated reports every two years. This engagement must include at least an annual local/regional conference open to tourism stakeholders in the t-LAG cluster. The conference will be organized in coordination with the t-Forum, which may assist in scaling it up to a national or international level. The biennial report will be subject to review by the t-Forum’s Membership Committee, which will forward documentation and a recommendation to the t-Forum Executive.

Benefits to Members

The t-LAGs are proactive members in a global community, partnering in the creation, dissemination, and application of t-intelligence.

The t-LAGs benefit from the prestige of the t-Forum as well as of being involved in t-Forum’s agreements and activities with global institutions and international organizations.

The t-LAGs use the collective t-intelligence and renown of the t-Forum to compete for and participate in international and regional tenders and projects.

The t-LAGs take advantage of the collective t-intelligence to raise their local constituency capacity and prestige in specific projects, accessing the collective repository of t-intelligence through a collection of methods, indicators, and voluntary standards of the t-Forum.

The t-LAGs proactively participate in all activities of the t-Forum Programmes of Work, including the biennial Global Conference, seminars and workshops at regional and local level, development projects, t-Forum Internet Platforms, t-Classrooms, t-Journals, and t-Vaults.

Partnership of the t-LAGs in the t-Forum

The t-LAGs, as proactive members of the t-Forum, send a delegation to the biennial Global Conference and General Assembly and share t-intelligence expertise.

The t-LAGs show their commitment to local constituencies by organizing at least an annual local t-Forum conference, where t-intelligence is made explicit and shared.

The t-LAGs organise and operate within the rights and duties of the t-Forum Bylaws, and keep the t-Forum informed of relevant developments in their constituencies.

Taking Action Now
What are the steps for becoming a member?
  • Identify t-LAG stakeholders in your tourism cluster and constituency. These can be individual business concerns and/or associations, organizations involved in destination management, and knowledge institutions, such as universities, research centres, and science/technology parks. The t-Forum document “How to Form a t-LAG” may help you drawing a roadmap from the onset.

  • Contact with the t-Forum for information, clarifications, advice, and support in the first stages of creating your t-LAG.

  • Meet with the prospective stakeholders in order to discuss the possibility of creating a t-LAG. Ask for t-Forum involvement in these meetings when/if necessary.

  • Prepare all necessary documents, including internal t-LAG agreements and your intended mission and programme of work.

  • Constitute the formalisation of your t-LAG when stakeholders are ready to sign the internal t-LAG agreements and the t-Forum Bylaws and Membership documents.

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